Amanda Bynes Planning Lawsuits Against NYPD

Amanda Bynes is suing, well, everybody.

The actress said today that she is planning on filing lawsuits against the NYPD and her apartment complex over her arrest last week.

The actress, who was arrested after she allegedly threw a bong out of her apartment window, wrote on Twitter today that she was suing the NYPD for “illegally entering my apartment, lying about drugs on me and lying about me tampering with non existent drug paraphernalia.”

But that’s not all. The actress, who accused an officer of sexual assault last week, said that she is also upset with the NYPD for bringing her to a mental health facility after her arrest. The officers were apparently worried about Bynes’ mental health and brought her to a mental hospital before bringing her to the station for booking. The actress said that she was “so offended” by the mental hospital visit and was filing a lawsuit against the NYPD.

The actress writes on Twitter: “I’m suing for being put into a mental hospital against my will, then locked up overnight for coming home after a facial and working out with my trainer like the good girl that I am … My lawyer and I are taking this offense so seriously! Everything they did was against the law and The judge saw that there was no drugs on me or proof of any type of bong or mental illness. I was so offended to even be taken to a mental hospital and they would not let me call my lawyer until the next day after being in jail all night, then I went to court and was immediately released because the judge saw that I was wrongly arrested.”

In addition to suing the NYPD, Bynes is also suing her apartment complex.

The police were reportedly called to Bynes apartment after a doorman spotted the actress smoking a joint in the lobby. Bynes, who claims that she’s “allergic to alcohol and drugs,” denies that she was smoking anything and is suing the apartment building lying about her and helping the police.

Amanda Bynes is hoping to put all of this behind her soon so that she can start a “long and wonderful career as a singer/rapper!”