Will Smith Is Terrible At Soccer, Great At Making Funny Videos

Will Smith was born and raised in West Philadelphia, playing b-ball, and not soccer, most of his days.

The A-list actor has been on a promotional tour the last few days for his new movie After Earth.

Smith and his son Jaden stopped by the UEFA Champions League Festival in the Olympic Park at Stratford to talk to fans and to show off his soccer skills.

Well, Smith showed of his lack of soccer skills.

The actor was given the chance to wow the crowd by scoring a penalty kick but it took him more than a couple of tries to get it past the goalie.

Will whiffed on his first kick, hit his second one over the goal, and put his third right into the goalie’s chest. His son Jaden didn’t have much like either.

The father son duo finally decided to team up together (and added some American style football) and finally got the ball across the goal line.

Here’s the video of Jaden and Will Smith doing their best at playing soccer.

This isn’t the first great video to come out of Will and Jaden Smith’s promotional tour. Earlier this week, their was a mini Fresh Prince reunion on the Graham Norton Show.