Arrested Development On Netflix Passes Fan Scrutiny Test

As Arrested Development on Netflix finally debuted this weekend, fans were apprehensive — so many years had passed since the sleeper hit’s abrupt cancellation, and chances of a failed revival spoiling the show were high.

But Arrested Development on Netflix also had much to suggest the long-awaited new episodes would be a hit — the cast was back, the initial info seemed to indicate an on-brand set of shows, and the verdict is in now that much of Twitter apparently spent the weekend holed up binging on the new season.

And how did Arrested Development do this time around? Very well, gauging chatter across social media as well as that from critics in entertainment journalism. If you’re a fan that hasn’t had a chance to binge-watch the series due to work or holiday weekend festivities, you’d do well to stay away from spoilers on the web — but we’ve pulled together some spoiler-free reactions.

A writer at the San Francisco Chronicle says of Arrested Development on Netflix in 2013:

“Do the new episodes live up to those of the first three seasons which ended in 2006? Yes, and then some: The new season is not only as smart and absurdly funny as ever, but also reflects the rapid changes in how we watch television,”

THR adds:

“If you were on Twitter in the early going of Sunday, when it launched, you would have read some discouraging comments … and perhaps felt the twinge yourself of over-anticipation when jokes seemed to fall flat or scenarios made no sense … But the series quickly found its pacing, the elaborate Rashomon structure revealed its glorious ambition, and the combination of absurdity and intelligence meshed as well or better than you might have remembered from the original three seasons.”

Across the pond, a writer at The Guardian muses:

“Just as the show’s creator rehauled the traditional sitcom in 2003-06 when the original three series aired, he’s trying to do the same again seven years on. But change always takes some getting used to … It demands the same kind of patience from the viewer as a show like The Wire, but with more ostrich attacks.”

Over on Twitter, users tweeted:

Did you catch Arrested Development on Netflix this weekend? What did you think?