Party Bus Crash: 1 Dead, Burlesque Dancer’s Husband Hospitalized

A party bus crash has left one dead and 10 injured. [Edit: Please see editor’s note below regarding changes to the original post.]

The party bus crash killed one and injured several occurred at around 2:05 AM local time near Redwood City, and was described as a “chain reaction” accident by witnesses. Klein’s husband Raul Padilla, 43, is listed in critical condition after the wreck that killed his wife.

Padilla was driving the red Honda coupe involved in the party bus crash, and the vehicle was hit head on by the bus carrying 18 passengers after it came to rest in the northbound lane.

Ten passengers on the party bus were injured, and Klein died of the injuries she sustained.

The founding member of the popular Hubba Hubba Revue, Klein was well-known by her “Sparkly Devil” stage moniker, and producer of the troupe Jim Sweeney broke down commenting on Klein’s sudden death.

Sweeney said of Klein:

“She was probably one of the greatest comedic burlesque performers I’ve ever seen, but she could also transition into classic burlesque (and) become this other glamorous person just by doing it.”

“Fighting back tears,” Sweeney continued:

“She was by far one of the most respected and beloved people in our community.”

Following the party bus crash, Padilla was taken to Stanford Medical Center, where he remains. [Edit: An earlier version of this post contained a statement from a California Highway Patrol officer speculating on causes of the crash. It has come to The Inquisitr‘s attention that the statements quoted in the original article have been disputed by those close to the victims of the crash as inaccurate, and at their request we have amended this post to remove the statements made by the officer to a local major network affiliate.]

But the accident’s details are still being determined, and Montiel added:

“We’re still trying to figure out who came into contact with what … ” [Edit: Second part of the statement redacted upon request.]

Following the party bus crash, Montiel indicates toxicology tests are pending.