Fix the Franchise: Tennessee Titans edition

It would be really easy to sit back, and let Head Coach Jeff Fisher do his thing and let one of the best Head Coaches in the game today diagnose the problems and then fix them. Since that won’t make for good copy let us say this, the Titans must fix their defense. In 2009 it was the 28th best defense, and they are old, and suitable replacements must now be found. The offense is fine, and in good hands with the once benched Vince Young. Their last two first round draft picks have been offensive players and now it is that time to address the defense.

They have also lost DE Kyle Vanden Bosch in free agency, so the work must begin with the defense, and in particular the defensive pass rush. The pass rush of the Titans was the second worst in the NFL in 2009, and must be upgraded. That means, they have to spend their first round draft pick on a new DE, and the best one that they can find.

If I were in charge of the Titans I would be pressing my coaching staff to get more production out of the picks that were made in 2009. Not one 2009 Titan draft picks started more than half the games in 2009. Now a year later I would like to see those picks produce or be cut. While first round pick Kenny Britt led the team in receiving yards, but one draft pick producing is not enough.

In the end the Titans focus should be on rebuilding a defense decimated by free agency and age. I would start and DE, and then address needs in the defensive secondary. In later rounds I would be looking for D line depth, and depth for my LB corps.

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