Nicole Kidman Turns Heads At Cannes With Braided Hair

Nicole Kidman turned quite a few heads at Cannes with her eye-catching braided hair.

The actress served on the Grand Jury at this year’s film festival. Although much has been said about the movies, celebrities, and dresses that appeared at the event, a lot of folks can’t stop talking about Kidman’s hairstyle.

According to The Huffington Post, Nicole Kidman attended the Cannes premiere of controversial director Roman Polanski’s Venus in Furs on Saturday. The Stoker star sported a lovely Chanel dress on the red carpet ahead of the screening. However, more people seem interested in discussing her braided hair than anything else.

Although describing Kidman’s braid doesn’t really do it justice, the folks at Styleite called the style a “beautiful cinnamon roll.” The description will work in a pinch, though you’re encouraged to stop by the website to see some of the images of the actress’ hair for yourself.

When people weren’t fawning all over hairstyles and dresses, they actually found time to watch a few movies and hand out a couple of prestigious honors.

Nicole Kidman and the members of the Grand Jury at the Cannes Film Festival awarded La Vie d’Adèle (Blue is the Warmest Color with the coveted Palme d’Or at this year’s event. According to Time, Steven Spielberg was quick to sing the film’s praises during a press conference.

“[The film is] a great love story that made all of us feel privileged to be a fly on the wall, to see this story of deep love and deep heartbreak evolve from the beginning. The director didn’t put any constraints on the narrative. He let the scenes play in real life, and we were absolutely spellbound,” Spielberg explained.

Pictures of Nicole Kidman at Cannes with her braided hair can be found at the Daily Mail and Styleit. What do you think of the actress’ style?

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