2009 NFL Draft one year later: Kansas City Chiefs

While we always say the best way to build up a team is through the draft, there is a pattern emerging here. So far three of the teams that picked in the top five in the 2009 draft are picking in the top five of the 2010 draft. This seems to suggest either there was more than one draft’s worth of work to be done, or that bad NFL teams made bad NFL decisions. I leave that to all of you to figure out amongst yourselves.

I was pretty skeptical of the decisions the Chiefs made in the 2009 draft. It did not seem to be a particularly good draft, and the only thing that helps to save its reputation is the traded away their second round pick for a potential franchise QB. Otherwise I have to say this was a pretty poor draft. A look at their 2009 picks:

1.Round 1 (3)- Tyson Jackson DE
2.Round Three (67)- Alex Magee DE
3.Round Four (102)- Donald Washington CB
4.Round Five (139)- Colin Brown OT
5.Round Six (175)- Quinten Lawrence WR
6.Round Seven (212)- Javarris Williams RB
7.Round Seven (237)- Jake O’Connell TE
8.Round Seven (256)- Ryan Succop K

Bad teams have to get two productive players out of their picks in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft. If we count QB Matt Cassel since they traded their second round pick for him they got one. They reached for Jackson and he delivered 38 tackles and no sacks. That is simply not good enough for a guy taken third overall. Magee racked up just eight tackles. Fifth round pick Brown, was put on injured reserve in September. Lawrence caught one ball, Williams got six carries, and O’Connell had two catches. That is not enough production from an entire draft class. Cassel was good with the Chiefs, but he was good enough to make up for what now seems like a lot of wasted draft picks. That may change, but it does not look very good.

Mr. Irrelevant Succop was productive, he made 25 for 29 FG attempts and converted all 29 PAT attempts in 2009. However we cannot hang the success of one year’s draft on the selection of a kicker nor the last guy drafted in 2009. At one year we have to give this draft the grade of a D-, so close to failing that it probably is.

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