Make your Nintendo Wii run in HD … sort of

Wii HD? It’s probably not happening. While Nintendo seems happy to bring 3D visuals to its handheld console range, the Wii, for now, will remain as it is: with standard 480p definition visuals.

If you do yearn to play Wii in HD, this might be your best bet: the Wii’s first HDMI Upscaler Processor, the VD-W3. This third-party device comes from VDIGI Electronics, which claims its creation can upscale the video output of the Wii to 1080p.

Obviously, “upscale” is the key word there. This device won’t deliver true 1080p visuals – probably not even close – but it will almost certainly sharpen up the edges on your Wii’s graphics, delivering a better picture than the one you get from the Wii’s bundled cables.

It’s not quite ready for sale yet, but when it does launch, you can get one here. At $75 (ouch), I’d do your research and read some of the inevitable reviews that will accompany its eventual release. I know I will be.

[VDIGI, via Go Nintendo]