Adrian Peterson On Gay Marriage: ‘I’m Not With That’

Adrian Peterson made comments on gay marriage Thursday that has football fans questioning the 2012 NFL MVP. When speaking to Amani Toomer and Bruce Murray on SiriusXM Radio, Peterson wasn’t afraid to make it known how he feels about same-sex marriage.

The 28-year-old is such a talent on the field that whenever he touches that ball the crowd is waiting to see something special, but off the field Peterson has come to develop a knack for making critical comments. Just a couple years back, Peterson compared the NFL to “modern-day slavery,” and he’s now jumping into the topic of marriage equality.

“To each his own. I’m not with it,” Peterson said about same-sex marriage on SiriusXM Radio. “But I have relatives that, you know, are gay. I’m not biased towards them. I still treat them the same. I love them. But again, I’m not with that. That’s not something that I believe in. But to each his own.”

He also believes the Minnesota Vikings decision to release Chris Kluwe, a punter who’s an avid supporter and activist for same-sex marriage, had nothing to do with his beliefs.

“I’m sure the Vikings’ organization did not release him based on that,” Peterson added in the interview. “They know Kluwe. They’ve been knowing him for a long time. They know he’s outspoken.”

Chris Kluwe is now a member of the Oakland Raiders as he signed with the team not too long after being released by the Vikings. Kluwe hasn’t commented on Peterson’s remarks from Saturday, but the outspoken punter is sure to chime in at some point.

Adrian Peterson and gay marriage obviously don’t mix based on his comments, but the star running back still considers Kluwe to be a good friend.

“It hurt me to see him leave. He was a good friend of mine and a really cool guy, man,” Peterson went on to say in the interview. “Probably one of the smartest guys I’ve ever been around, man. … Different.”

Now you can take the “different” comment any way you like, but it doesn’t seem to be a reference to Kluwe’s commitment to equality and gay rights. Nevertheless, Peterson’s remarks on same-sex marriage have made waves across the web and have many people questioning the five-time Pro Bowler.

Do you believe Adrian Peterson’s gay marriage comment on Thursday was meant to be offensive in any way?

[Image via Mike Morbeck]