Hollywood keen on making new Super Mario Bros. film

According to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo is approached by Hollywood producers “all the time” to make a movie based on the world-famous Mario game franchise. You know, because the first worked out so well.

While I’m not convinced the world needs a new Mario movie, Fils-Aime says there’s no shortage of interest. “All the time,” he tells the LA Times when asked if producers still approach Nintendo. “The message is, ‘Thank you for the interest.’ There have been certain [people] that we have talked in more detail with.”

The original Super Mario Bros. flick appeared in 1993, was critically panned, and made back only half of its budget at the box office. Dennis Hopper suggested the movie led to a dip in his career. Bob Hoskins (who played Mario himself) described it as the “worst thing he’s ever done.”

Still, Fils-Aime seems determined that Nintendo can get this one right, but is (rightly) protective about letting Hollywood at the franchise: “I think in the end, because we are a content company and are passionate about our franchises, it will be few and far between that actual deals are done to bring our franchises to life in a different way. These are our children.”

[LA Times, via CVG]