The Content Aware Filter In Photoshop CS5 Is Just Amazing

Duncan Riley

Adobe has released its first video demonstrating a feature in the forthcoming Photoshop CS5, and it's a feature that will blow the mind of people who work with photographs.

Content Aware is a feature that allows you to cut objects from images, with Photoshop then taking in the context around the cut item to automatically fill it.

For example, using Content Aware to cut a tree or lens flare results in Photoshop accurately filling the cut area to match the background, in one easy step.

It can even fill white spaces around a stitched image; in the demo (see image above) large amounts of white space are filled by the feature. The bigger the area, the more touching up it might require using Content Aware, but that said, it's light years ahead of every version of Photoshop before it.

Demo as follows, and although I'm not normally one to go and buy the next version of something like this, I'm betting I won't be alone in wanting it shortly after its release.