Texas Shooting Spree Leaves Two Dead, Five Wounded

A Texas shooting spree claimed the lives of two people, including the gunman, after a heavily armed man in Concho County began randomly firing from his pickup truck.

Police said the suspect was found in the truck with a cache of weapons that included and assault rifle, a handgun, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. The man killed a woman in her car and wounded several others — including the sheriff of the count — before police killed him in a shootout, authorities said.

The Texas shooting spree suspect is believed to be a 23-year-old from North Carolina, though police haven’t released his name until his relatives can be notified.

Police said several other incidents near the fatal shooting are connected to the suspect. The Texas Rangers, local law enforcement and Texas Parks and Wildlife had investigated another shooting that took place in the early morning hours on Sunday.

Police said a suspect began shooting at a car, wounding a woman. Police believe the suspect then wounded two more people sitting in a car outside a convenience store. Afterward he returned to where the first shooting took place and fired on another vehicle. A third person was hurt in that incident, though all people wounded were treated and released.

At close to 6 am on Sunday, police found 41-year-old Alicia Torres shot to death in her car in Eola. Within 15 minutes Concho County Sheriff Richard Doane caught up to the suspect on a highway, and was wounded in a gunfight.

The Texas shooting spree ended with a Highway Patrol trooper and game warden arrived on the scene, fatally shooting the suspect.