Kaitlyn Leeb: All Three Of My Breasts Are Fake

Kaitlyn Leeb shows a lot of cleavage in the new movie Total Recall. In fact, since the Canadian actress plays a hooker with three breasts in the new movie, it's possible that she'll be showing more cleavage than any other actress has before. But Leeb insists that all three of her boobs are fake.

Leeb showed off her sexy, and slightly disturbing costume, at Comic-Con earlier this month. The actress said that she's received tons of questions about her costume since her appearance at the San Diego convention.

Leeb said:

"There were a bunch of people at Comic Con asking if I had surgery for the third one.... Others thought that the two on the side were real. I guess that's the one thing that bothers me the most is that they think I'm out there prancing around Comic Con with my breasts out. They really are not mine. I'm more covered than I am at a day-to-day basis."
According to the Ottawa Citizen, it takes the 24-year-old actress about 4-hours to get fitted with her three boob costume. It may be a lot of work but the actress says that it's worth it. Leeb has a handful of movies under belt but "Total Recall" (and all three of her breasts) is making her a star.

Leeb said:

"Every day is new. It's just really crazy and exciting at the same time. My Twitter following has gone up. It's crazy, but really cool."
Here's a photo of Kaityln Leeb as the "Seductive Woman" (AKA the three breast hooker) from Total Recall.

three breast hooker

And just for comparison's sake. Here's a photo of Kaitlyn Leeb sporting the classic two boob look.

kaitlyn leeb

You can also catch a glimpse of Leeb in the new Total Recall trailer.