April 16, 2014
Kellie Pickler Dons Daisy Dukes In 'Dukes Of Hazzard' Music Video

Kellie Pickler got people talking earlier this week with a hot spread in Maxim magazine, but the former American Idol singer isn't done showing some skin. Pickler recently gave Jessica Simpson a run-for-her money when she donned some daisy dukes in Bucky Covington's new Dukes Of Hazzard inspired music video.

Zap2it reports that American Idol finalist Bucky Convington teamed up with Shooter Jennings for his new single "Drinking Side of Country." The song, which will be available on Bucky's new album "Good Guys," got a new music video today.

Bucky and Shooter drive around in some cool cars, get into some trouble, and drink some moonshine in the new video. And Pickler, well, she plays the pretty girl in the short Daisy Dukes.

Pickler isn't the first person to play Daisy Duke, but according to Covington, she's the best.

Covington said:

"I don't think you can do a Dukes of Hazzard thing without a Daisy Duke... And you can't have just any beautiful girl play Daisy Duke...you gotta have somebody with something bad! You've got to out-Daisy Duke the last Daisy Duke... And that was Jessica Simpson."
Here's the new video from Bucky Covington featuring Kellie Pickler in some Daisy Dukes.

Well? Did Pickler out Daisy Duke Jessica Simpson?