Elisabeth Moss Slams Jeremy Piven, Calls Him ‘Highly Unprofessional’

Elisabeth Moss slammed Jeremy Piven in an interview this week, saying she didn’t buy the actor’s excuse for leaving a Broadway play she co-starred in.

Moss was referring to Piven’s exit fromSpeed-the-Plow, a 2008 play that Piven abandoned. The actor said he was suffering from mercury poisoning he caught from eating tainted fish, but the Mad Men actress thinks there was something else going on.

“What, besides eating too much sushi, caused Jeremy Piven to quit Speed-the-Plow?” Andy Cohen asked the actress in her appearance on Plead The Fifth.

“That’s a very good one. I could go on and on,” Moss said smiling. “Being highly unprofessional,” she added.

“We were all surprised,” Moss said. “It came out of nowhere. He just didn’t come back one day.”

Moss slammed Piven for his excuse, saying that she saw him a month later at the Golden Globes and he didn’t seem to be suffering in the least.

“He was supposed to be really sick,” Moss said.

Though Moss’ slam of Piven generated headlines, it wasn’t the only touchy topic she addressed during the interview. When asked about rumors of Jon Hamm’s supposedly “impressive anatomy,” Moss seemed willing to share.

“Is it true what they say about Jon Hamm’s ham?” Cohen asked.

“Well, I mean, we’ve all seen the pictures so, I mean, I would suppose so,” Moss said of her Mad Men co-star. “That’s all I know.”

Hamm doesn’t seem too happy to discuss the topic. He sounded off on the controversy in a March 2013 issue of Rolling Stone, seeming quite upset at the coverage it had generated.

“Most of it’s tongue-in-cheek,” he said. “But it is a little rude. It just speaks to a broader freedom that people feel like they have – a prurience….They’re called ‘privates’ for a reason. I’m wearing pants, for f**k’s sake. Lay off. I mean, it’s not like I’m a f***ing lead miner.”

The interview where Moss slams Piven can be seen here: