Verizon Wireless Launching 3G Capabilities For Skype On Thursday

As promised, Verizon Wireless will release a 3G-capable version of Skype on Thursday. The download will be immediately available for all of the companies modern Android and Blackberry devices and will be available online or through the Android Market.

Verizon customers will be able to make voice calls over the companies EVDO 3G network at no cost to other Skype clients, while also making SkypeOut calls on an international basis (fees apply).

Verizon is promising that more devices will gain the feature in the future. The move is a drastic departure from past efforts by both wireless carriers and the FTC who scrutinized the use of VoIP on cellular devices. With data plans contributing to a large part of most carriers bottom line the inclusion of VoIP services now makes more sense and has been announced on most major networks. [Electronista]