2009 NFL Draft one year later: St. Louis Rams

It seems that the St. Louis Rams were well on their way to having a great draft. Just months after the NFL draft I gave them high marks for their first two picks. If not for the potential in this draft class, and the season ending injury to two of the keys draft picks we could very well say this draft was a failure. However given all those facts let us give it a one year grade of incomplete.

Let have a look at the relevant drafts picks:

1.Round One (2)- Jason Smith OT
2.Round Two (35)- James Laurinaitis LB
3.Round Three (66)- Bradley Fletcher CB
4.Round Four (103)- Dorell Scott DT
5.Round Five (160)- Brooks Foster WR
6.Round Six (196)- Keith Null QB
7.Round Seven (217)- Chris Ogbonnaya RB

Now Smith started five of eight games at RT, before a concussion ended his rookie season. He still has a lot of upside. Laurinaitis led the Rams in tackles with 120 and grabbed two interceptions. He may just be the steal of the 2009 draft. However for the most part that is where the good news for the 2009 St. Louis Rams Draft class ends. Beyond WR Foster whose season was cut short due to an injury, the Rams got no production out of the bottom end of their 2009 draft. For a bad football team, that cannot be accepted.

Look at what the Detroit Lions did, they nabbed four starters, and the only real thing the Rams added was a building block on defense. For a team with seven draft picks that simply will not do. The Rams are in a position where building through the draft is the only way to rebuild the team. They must attack the draft, and make each and every draft pick count. From round one to round whatever the Rams must add quality pieces or make trades to acquire more draft picks either this year or in year’s to come.

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