Manhattan Urologist Dr. Adam Levinson Busted For Allegedly Taking Subway Upskirt Pics

Manhattan urologist Dr. Adam Levinson was arrested yesterday after several alleged incidents in a short period during which he was said to be observed taking "upskirt" photographs of a woman on the subway without their knowledge or consent.

Dr. Levinson, 39, is an award-winning surgeon and assistant professor of urology at Mount Sinai hospital’s school of medicine, and an investigation is reportedly underway to determine whether patient rights or privacy were affected by the surgeon's behavior after the arrest came to light.

The Manhattan urologist's actions were discovered by eagle-eyed fellow train passenger Sheldon Birthwright, 46. Birthwright formerly worked in security and has experience spotting suspicious behavior, and he noticed the surgeon allegedly engaging in some activity that raised red flags.

Birthwright says that Levinson's manner of holding a newspaper with a pen attached was strange, so he followed the doctor off the train as Levinson tailed a young woman:

“He has a paper in his hand. But what’s mysterious about it, there’s a pen attached to the paper... He has it down in a very unsuspicious way. But every time the woman would move, he would move... He walks directly behind her with the same paper and camera all the way up the stairs."
adam levinson upskirt arrest

Birthwright lost track of Levinson near the busy Union Square station, but after alerting police, spotted the surgeon again on the platform of the L train engaging in the same seemingly creepy behavior. Police were able to apprehend the doctor and confiscated the pen, which was actually a tiny video camera.

After obtaining a search warrant, police viewed the video captured on Levinson's device and are said to have uncovered several more "upskirt" videos -- though it was not clear who the women were or in what capacity Levinson encountered them.

Levinson was later charged with unlawful surveillance and released on $15,000 bail.