Dell Aero Gets Spotted, Barely Felt…Which Is A Good Thing

The Dell Aero is getting ready for it’s U.S. debut via AT&T and the Android phone has upped the ante from it’s Brazilian and Chinese versions.

The U.S. version of the Aero comes with a 3.5 inch display with nHD resolution, which probably means it will have the same 640 x 480 resolution of overseas models, while rumors are pointing to a 5MP camera, replacing the 3MP camera found on the smartphone in other countries.

Dell is also promising that the device will barely be felt in your hand, as the device claims to be the “lightest Android device” to date.

The Google Android OS has also been customized, providing quick access to Picassa, Flickr, Facebook, Twitpic and YouTube without having to install any third-party applications.

The gallery below shows off a few extra Dell Aero pictures:


[Gallery: Engadget]