Levi Johnston Sues Bristol Palin For Full Custody Of Their Son Tripp - Claims She Is An Unfit Mother

Levi Johnston is suing Bristol Palin for full custody of their son Tripp, claiming proof of her bad parenting is evident in the Palin reality show Life's A Tripp. Levi Johnston's lawsuit maintains Bristol Palin allows Tripp to "run wild" and use curse words frequently, according to TMZ.

During a recently aired episode of "Life's A Tripp" Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin's son dropped the f-bomb on his aunt Willow. Bristol Palin admits during the same reality show episode that she is "doing a terrible job of disciplining Tripp."

Levi Johsnton told TMZ he has become "disgusted" while watching his son's behavior on "Life's A Tripp" and feels Bristol Palin is not offering any real parenting structure and the toddler is engaged in a "downward spiral."

"I love my son more than anything and I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is raised the right way," Levi Johnston stated during the TMZ interview. In reference to the home environment Bristol Palin is providing to Tripp, Levi Johnston also commented that the child "deserves a better family."

In 2009 Bristol Palin won a heated court battle for full custody rights to Tripp. According to court filings published in the Anchorage Daily News, Bristol Palin successfully argued that her family could provide better support and care for Tripp than Levi Johnston. Bristol Palin did not win the motion to close the custody proceedings with Levi Johnston and had argued that publicity would be "bad" for Tripp, New Jersey Online reports.


Bristol Palin has not yet commented on Levi Johnston's public acknowledgment that he will soon be traveling to the Wasilla, Alaska courthouse and completing the paperwork necessary to initiate action to change the existing custody arrangement for Tripp.