2009 NFL Draft one year later: Detroit Lions

As we gear up for the 2010 NFL Draft, it is time to take a look at what teams did in last year’s draft. Not only will this give us some insight on how each team goes about its draft, but could give us some valuable insight on who the teams will pick in this year’s draft. We begin with the lowly Detroit Lions, who had the first overall pick in the 2009 draft.

Before we get to all that let us take a look at the Lions relevant draft picks from 2009:

1.Round One (1)- QB Matthew Stafford
2.Round One (20)- TE Brandon Pettigrew
3.Round Two (33)- S Louis Delmas
4.Round Three (76)- OLB DeAndre Levy
5.Round Three (82)- WR Derrick Williams
6.Round Four (115)- DT Sammie Lee Hill

We have to call this one a home run for the Lions. Sure a lot of these guys got chances to play because the Lions roster was so devoid of playmakers, but the Lions landed at least three legitimate starters, and quite possible four in one draft class. Considering they landed nearly no talent in the ten drafts former GM Matt Millen ran, this is quite a feat.

Stafford started 10 games a played as well as a rookie on a bad team should, but a gutsy performance at the end of the Cleveland Browns game earned him a lot of respect with his teammates and with Lions fans. The Pettigrew pick was largely criticized when made, but he had solid season, catching 30 balls for 346 yards before an ACL injury ended his rookie campaign. Delmas was easily the steal of this draft and started virtually from day one. He racked up 94 tackles while starting 15 games. Levy played so well that he will move to the middle and lead the Lions defense in 2010. Williams might be considered a bust, as his play on special teams needed something, but the Lions might give him another shot. Hill played so well that he may start on remade Lions D line in 2010.

The strong play of Hill may well give the Lions the excuse they need not to take a DT with the second overall pick in this year’s draft, and they may be able and willing to start addressing the needs on their offensive line. Lions GM Martin Mayhem must have another strong draft to get this team farther down the road to respectability.

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