Introducing The Contract Free iPhone, Now Available at Apple Stores…Still Locked

Apple Store - Contract Free iPhone

Want an iPhone 8GB, 16GB or 32GB but can’t stand those annoying sign on the dotted line contracts at AT&T. If you don’t mind paying a hell of a lot more for the phone you can now grab a contract free device from Apple Store locations.

The units include the 8GB unit at $499, 16GB device at $599 and the 32GB’s for $699.

The move is more than likely in response to the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus arriving at AT&T in the next few months and the recent release of the Google Nexus One with AT&T 3G support.

Personally, the mobile market is finally getting exciting to me again, when Apple is taking measures to protect themselves in a market they were cruising along in for the last several years, it’s a good sign of better things to come for the market. After all competition leads to new innovations and Apple is definitely seeing a whole bunch of competition these days.