Introducing The Contract Free iPhone, Now Available at Apple Stores…Still Locked

Want an iPhone 8GB, 16GB or 32GB but can’t stand those annoying sign on the dotted line contracts at AT&T. If you don’t mind paying a hell of a lot more for the phone you can now grab a contract free device from Apple Store locations.

The units include the 8GB unit at $499, 16GB device at $599 and the 32GB’s for $699.

The move is more than likely in response to the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus arriving at AT&T in the next few months and the recent release of the Google Nexus One with AT&T 3G support.

Personally, the mobile market is finally getting exciting to me again, when Apple is taking measures to protect themselves in a market they were cruising along in for the last several years, it’s a good sign of better things to come for the market. After all competition leads to new innovations and Apple is definitely seeing a whole bunch of competition these days.