Apple Store Is 5th Most Photographed Landmark In New York City

Cornell University released a study recently that used Flickr to determine that the Apple Store in New York City is now the 5th most photographed landmark in the Big Apple.

The feat is made even more impressive when considering that New York is the most photographed city in the world, making the Apple Store one of the most photographed landmarks worldwide, the 28th overall most photographed site to be exact.

In a Cornell press release, researchers say they used a new technique to determine locations based on “visual, textual and temporal features.” According to Daniel Huttenlocher, Professor of Computing, Information Science and Business at Cornell.

“These methods reveal that both visual and temporal features improve the ability to estimate the location of a photo compared to using just textual tags.”

The release goes on to mention that this method could be used to help travel guidebooks automatically identify landmarks and provide other information about each site. [Gothamist]