Xbox One: GameStop Proves Rumors Behind Used Games

The Xbox One rumors have been running rampant, and GameStop has inadvertently proven one of them true. Microsoft will indeed be collecting a fee on used games.

In yet another move that has gamers jumping ship, “retail sources” have confirmed the rumor about Microsoft’s next generation console that sparked a drop in GameStop’s stock price in just the span of one morning.

GameStop and other online game retailers have fallen victim to the rumor that Microsoft will indeed be charging a fee on the sales of used games for the Xbox One, which will cause the game retailers to add the fee themselves as a result. Investors are not happy, as it’s been noticed that the stock dropped by 13.36 percent within hours of the announcement.

Microsoft has not confirmed or denied what analysts have said concerning the statement about used Xbox One games, and of course nobody is surprised. We are taking it as a confirmation, as only Microsoft could possibly prove the rumor false at this point.

As already stated earlier in The Inquisitr, Microsoft seemed to change their mind about the national focus of their TV service, and once again confused everyone.

Can Microsoft just make up their minds already and give us solid answers? The rumors are killing them.

Used games will be allowed on the Xbox One, but Microsoft is keeping close tabs on where every single copy of every game is every time it’s played. This only adds to the growing realization that the Xbox One, or as it’s now dubbed, the “Xbone,” is the single most restrictive game console of all time. Is it any wonder that long-time Xbox gamers are abandoning Microsoft and buying the Wii U instead? At least Nintendo is trying to make customers want their consoles.

Until Microsoft starts realizing what their secrecy is doing to their fan base, it’s safe to assume that the Xbox One could suffer a quick death at the hands of the consumer.

What do you think of the Xbox One used games rumor causing GameStop‘s stocks to drop?