New York area radio show host John Bell leaving Z100

Co-host John Bell of the popular New York metro area morning show on Z100 (WHTZ) is leaving the show with very little notice, it was announced today.

Bell is a fixture of the Elvis Duran show weekday mornings, also known as the “Z Morning Zoo.” Bell was originally the main host of the show before it became “Elvis Duran in the Morning.” Bell made a statement on-air this morning regarding his sudden departure:

“I hope all of you will remain a part of my life. There’s no way I can express to all of you how grateful I am for what you’ve given me, and the support and respect you’ve shown me and the opportunities you’ve given me to make an idiot of myself. It has been an incredible ride and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it.”

Host Elvis Duran spoke about Bell leaving the show, too:

Duran said, “We’re family on this show, so it’s going to be really weird not having John Bell here. But I know he will be in all our lives in more ways than one and for that, I’m grateful.”

Z100’s Program Director Sharon Dastur made an official statement announcing Bell’s decision:

“After 27 years with Z100, John Bell has announced this morning that he’s leaving the morning show to start the next chapter of his life. There are some things that he’s always wanted to pursue, and he told me that now that he doesn’t have to wake up everyday at 3:30am, it will allow him to take them on. As you all know, John has been the cornerstone of the morning show and the ‘Voice of Reason’ since the station first signed on in 1983, and we can’t begin to thank him for all that he’s done and all he’s meant to the Z100 family and the Z100 listeners. It’s been such an honor working with John all these years, and I want to wish him the absolute best in everything that he does.”

Bell’s departure from the show is effective immediately.