White House Brewery Churning Out Beer, Obama Administration Confirms

A White House brewery is the newest addition to the President's home, the Obama administration confirmed today.

A White House brewery probably doesn't seem like too much of a stretch given the amount of attention given to whether average Americans feel they could "have a beer" with any given American president or presidential candidate. In fact, the President was just in the news this week for a beer-buying campaign stunt that one beer tent owner (conservatively, we're sure) said cost him $25,000 in sales.

George W. Bush, who did not have a White House brewery, was also inextricably linked in pop and political culture to beer. Despite arguably being a not-as-bright or clever candidate, he was far more relatable (and thus, easier to imagine sharing a beer with) than Democrat opponents John Kerry and Al Gore.

(As an aside -- $25,000? During one visit? In a single day? Why is every American not getting into this clearly lucrative beer-tenting business with revenues like that? Totally believable!)

Well, President Obama will be darkening the doorsteps of innocent beer-tent pitchers nationwide now that the White House is brewing its own beers.

Obama's stop in Iowa cost a beer tent owner $25,000 in salesAccording to USAToday, the White House brewery is already making beers, and White House spokesman Jay Carney confirms he has tasted one of at least two brews from the facility:

" 'There is a home brew, if you will, at the White House,' said White House spokesman Jay Carney.

"It's called White House Honey Ale, with both light and dark varieties."

"'I think I've only tried the light, and it's quite refreshing,' Carney reported."

In the White House brewery, the paper confirms, the honey for the honey ales comes from Michelle Obama's garden.