Kris Humphries Serves Kanye West Subpoena Hidden In Nordstrom Box

Kris Humphries served Kanye West with a subpoena in a very sneaky way, hiding the document inside a Nordstrom box and sending it to Kim Kardashian's home.

The ploy came to light today during the former couple's divorce hearing, when Kardashian's lawyer, Laura Wasser, told the judge about the ploy during today's hearing, reports TMZ.

Wasser even spoke about reports that Kris Humphries and his lawyers are planning to put reality TV on trial, and it appears that there is evidence to back that up, since Kris has also served Kris Jenner and NBC Universal and Bunim/Murray (producer of the Kardashian reality shows) with subpoenas.

Kardashian's attorney stated that she is also confused why Humphries thinks the marriage was a fraud, since he went into it knowing everything, while the basketball star's lawyer, Marshall Waller, stated that he will probe the couple's marriage was a fraud that was set up for the sole benefit of the Kardashian reality show.

The Washington Post notes that Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian's bickering could delay their divorce (or annulment if Humphries gets his way) from being official until sometime next year, according to the attorneys and judge present at today's hearing.

According to Marshall Waller, the lack of cooperation from Kanye West's attorneys caused Kris Humphries to sneakily serve him with a deposition subpoena. It Humphries continues to pursue an annulment based on fraud, then it could take a two-week trial to determine the truth.

Waller added that the hearing would help him prove that Kim Kardashian had "no intention of proceeding with this marriage. That it was basically a contrivance for the benefit of her show and to make money."

Kardashian's attorney, however, stated that Waller's tactic was simply slowing the legal process, so she would be billing Humphries for her legal fees. Wasser added:

"To say that I'm frustrated would be an understatement. I am at a loss to figure out what the holdup is. ... It's dragging on, it's clogging resources."
Including the impending Kanye West deposition, due to Kris Humphries' sneaky subpoena, Kris's girlfriend is also scheduled to give her deposition this week.

Do you think that Kris Humphries did the right thing in serving Kanye West a deposition subpoena?

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