Gangsta Wallabies menace old people

A mob of 100 gangsta wallabies is stalking some old people in a retirement village in Townsville, Australia. The pack of wallabies more closely resemble 100 drunk teenagers gatecrashing a party advertised on Myspace, running into cars and motorised scooters, fighting with each other, falling onto the walls of houses and damaging them and even knocking residents over.

The residents are also complaining that the wallabies are crapping outside their doors, which the residents are then stepping in.

The elderly residents of the retirement village are now too afraid to leave their homes. Wallabies are normally considered cute, and are not generally known for menacing people.

The QLD wildlife service is currently relocating the wallabies. We suggest the wallaby pack be taken to a local shopping mall, where it is more appropriate for the wallabies to hang out, fight amongst themselves, damage cars and harass old people.