Indiegogo Campaign Aims To Buy Tribune Company For $623 Million

Crowdfunding is a huge hit these days thanks to the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but is it big enough to raise $623 million? That’s the goal of a new campaign started via the Indiegogo website.

The Tribune Company went on sale recently with the hefty price tag, and some fans of the business want to take advantage of the discounted price.

The group of hopefuls known as “The Other 98%” write via Indiegogo: “It’s time for normal people to take back the Tribune company.”

The group, which was born out of the Occupy movement, claims the buyout would give it solidarity against corporations, banks, and the status quo. The group claims it would love nothing more than a “peaceful takeover of the Tribune company.”

At this point, the group has raised just over $100,000 with three weeks left to go.

So what would buyers get for their investment? How about access to some very popular legacy newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore Sun.

There has been talk of the Koch brothers taking over the the Los Angeles Times; however, numerous employees have threatened to walk out on their jobs if that takeover becomes a reality.

If nothing else, the Indiegogo campaign is a great way to protest a takeover by Rupert Murdoch and News Corp., or the Koch brothers and their extreme right wing tendencies.

The Other 98% has promised to reimburse all contributors if the campaign doesn’t reach its massive goal.

Here is a video that explains in full the groups reasons for attempting to buy The Tribune Company:

If nothing else, the Indiegogo campaign to buy the Tribune Company has generated a good amount of discussion about the corporate interests that own big mainstream media companies.

Do you think this crowdfunded campaign is a unique way to generate discussion about a potential red flag?