Amazon Kindle Meets iPad With Revamped Look

If you can’t beat em, join em. That’s exactly what Amazon has done with the announcement of their Amazon Kindle iPad App. The Kindle app is a free offering which has been completely redesigned by a team of 14 developers.

The new look of the Kindle system includes custom fonts with multiple colors, slow page turns and a new eBook library view that more closely mimics the iPad’s own bookstore.

One cool little feature is the image shown above, in which the the sun actually rises over the screen based on the actual time of the day.

If approved by Apple, the program also offers a save point function that will allow Kindle readers to pick up their Amazon Kindle devices at a later time and continue reading from where they left off on their iPad.

The iPad isn’t the apps only goal, Amazon plans on releasing the program for tablet PC’s the world over. [Amazon]