Charlie Rogers: Lesbian That Claimed Masked Men Carved Gay Slurs Into Her Skin Arrested For Allegedly Lying About The Attack

Lincoln, NE - Charlie Rogers was arrested for allegedly lying about the attack which left her bleeding from the gay slurs carved into her skin. Rogers, a lesbian, allegedly told Nebraska police offices that three masked men broke into her home, tied her up, beat her, threatened to set her house of fire, and carved anti-gay words into her skin, the Daily Mail reports.

Rogers,33, was a basketball player for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers and ranks second for career blocks at the college. According to police report excepts, Charlie Rogers claimed three men bound her ankles and wrists together with zip ties before carving gay slurs into her abdomen and arms. The former college basketball player also noted in her police statement that one of the men pinned her down while another masked male attacker sliced the front of her thighs, shins, and chest with a knife. Rogers also allegedly claimed that after the initial knife slicing, she was rolled over and the back of her legs and buttocks were cut with the knife.

Charlie Rogers reportedly crawled naked from her home to a neighbor’s house, screaming for help and bleeding at approximately 4 am. Rogers did not alert Lincoln police officers to her alleged attack immediately but stated during a KETV interview that she eventually chose to get law enforcement officers involved to silence the skeptics who accused her of fabricating the attack.

After news of the anti-gay attack went public, members of Lincoln’s LGBT community rallied outside of the Nebraska Capitol building in protest. Thousands of LGBT supporters attended vigils held in support of Charlie Rogers.

“For people to think that this doesn’t happen here, it does. It did. It makes an already difficult situation more difficult because my world has been changed forever by these events,” Charlie Rogers told KETV.
Lincoln police officers interviewed Charlie Rogers on four different occasions due to alleged inconsistencies in her accounting of the attack. Police officers did not find any sign of a struggle in her bedroom and described her bedspread as evenly and neatly placed on the bed without any sign of blood. FBI analysts who reviewed the photos of Charlie Roger’s cuts concluded the wounds had been self-inflicted.

charlie rogers gay slurs attack

Police officers found a pair of white gloves and a red box cutter beneath a pile of clothes on Roger’s living room floor. Although Charlie Rogers denied owning the gloves, the DNA on the garments told a different story. The Lincoln Journal Star reports all the items Charlie Rogers said were used in the attack were purchased at a local hardware store five days prior -- by the alleged victim. Charlie Rogers could spend up to one year in jail if convicted on making false statements charges.