Naomi Watts’ Princess Diana Film Slated For Oscar Friendly Date

For years Princess Diana was the role no one wanted to touch. Actress Emily Blunt turned down the role, and is now portraying her in a different film. That said, the first actress to play Princess Diana in film, Naomi Watts, just wrapped on her film that sees her portraying the late Princess. Now we finally have a release date that’s looking to be very Oscar friendly.

It’s not a surprise that Watts’ portrayal of Princess Diana would receive an Oscar friendly release date. From the second Watts stepped out as Diana, the eerie resemblance was all anyone could really talk about. It engaged a lot of people in discussion over the biopic simply called Diana.

It’s not your conventional biopic. It won’t focus on her whole life like most biopics. Instead, Diana will only focus on her affair with Dr. Hasnat Kahn, who is said to be played by Lost star Naveen Andrews. The affair lasted from 1995 up to a few months before Diana died in 1997.

This time period proved to be a tumultuous time for the Princess, as she was going through marital problems with Prince Charles, while trying to battle the paparazzi as she sought out a more private life. The press, which she fought hard to fight off wound up ending her relationship with Kahn.

Entertainment One has snagged the North American rights for the film, and are said to be planning an Oscar season release. This proves to be good news for Watts, who was nominated last year for The Impossible, but was ultimately overshadowed by powerful and highly publicized performances by the actresses in her category. As you know the Oscar eventually went to Jennifer Lawrence for her portrayal in Silver Linings Playbook. If one thing is for certain about the Academy is that they love true stories and real life portrayals of a person’s plight.

This would combine two very specific elements and may just wind up with a win for Watts. However, it is a little too early to predict what will happen come awards season. As it is Watts isn’t the only actress to be portraying a real life person. Watts’ friend Nicole Kidman is said to be portraying Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco, which may give the actress a bit of competition.

Will you be seeing the Princess Diana film?