Kate Upton Declines Prom Request, Nina Agdal Accepts [Video]

Remember that kid who asked Kate Upton to the prom and got shot down? You can stop feeling sorry for him now; Nina Agdal has agreed to accompany the teenager to the dance.

Jake Davidson, a 17-year-old high school student from Los Angeles, put together a YouTube video in hopes of convincing Upton to go with him to the prom. Unfortunately for Davidson, the model’s busy schedule prevented her from being his date.

According to the Daily Mail, the teenager may have lost Kate Upton, but he gained Danish Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Nina Agdal. The website explains that an upcoming episode of Inside Edition will follow Agdal as she prepares for her date with Davidson.

How the teenager managed to convince the model to accompany him to the prom remains to be told. While it’s clear that Agdal intends to join the high school student for the dance, how the whole thing came about is kind of a mystery. For the moment, anyway.

Davidson told the Jewish Journal that he was a little disappointed by Upton’s inability to join him for the prom. However, he doesn’t seem to hold anything against the 20-year-old model.

“While I would have loved for Kate to come to my prom, I understand she is a very busy and in demand professional and I am so grateful for Kate responding at all. I appreciate everything she did as it made my senior year really surreal. She really is awesome!” Davidson explained.

As of this writing, the teenager’s YouTube prom date request has been viewed over two million times. It’s also turned Davidson into something of an internet celebrity.

Although Kate Upton isn’t going to the student’s prom, he ultimately managed to get Nina Agdal involved with the event. Even if the whole thing turns out to be something put together by Inside Edition, Davidson can still say he went to prom with a famous Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

[Image via Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com]