Brittany Murphy took “hundreds” of pills each month, banned from pharmacy

The death of actress Brittany Murphy was officially deemed to be a case of “community acquired pneumonia” last month.

However, new information suggests that Murphy’s health may have been affected by the use of several strong prescription medications in the months leading up to her death. TMZ has published a series of posts indicating the actress was filling prescriptions across several pharmacies, some under the alias “Lola Manilow Murphy.”

Yesterday, the entertainment blog reported that Murphy, her mother Sharon, and husband Simon Monjack were barred after over 100 prescriptions were processed for Murphy in 2008 and 2009. Heavy duty sedatives and painkillers like Klonopin, Vicuprofin and hydrocodone are among the drugs obtained in Murphy’s name and under “several aliases.”

Owner Eddie Bubar spoke to TMZ about the decision to discontinue providing the star with medications:

Bubar tells TMZ he cut off Murphy, Simon and Sharon four months before Brittany died, partly because he believed they were using multiple pharmacies to fill scripts.

Bubar tells TMZ, “We thought there was going to be an accident there.”

And we’ve learned there were other aliases used for prescriptions from another pharmacy, including the names Kathelyn Moore, Trevor Williams and Faith Gosselin.

Monjack confirmed the use of aliases to TMZ, but denied that Bubar refused them service:

“You know how this town is.” Monjack says, “We’re the ones who cut Eddie’s Pharmacy off.”

Murphy is said to have received between 200-400 pills a month in the year leading up to her death.