5 Ghostly images caught on film you need to see to believe

With shows like Most Haunted and Paranormal State the whole ghost business is pretty hot stuff with everyone and their brother it seems wanting to get a piece of the ghost action. This however is nothing new as there have been people turning up for years with pictures of ghosts, right back almost to when photography first started.

These five images are suppose to be among the best examples of unexplained ghostly appearances in people’s photographs and in most cases have been verified by independent experts to be untampered with.

Sefton Church Ghost

This photograph was taken in 1999 inside the Sefton Church which is located in Merseyside England.

Ghost in the Burning Building

This picture of a burning building in Shropshire England was snapped by Tony O’rahilly using a 200mm telephoto lens from across the street. The photograph has been examined by Dr. Vernon Harrison, a photographic expert and past president of the Royal Photographic society, who concluded that it was an untampered with image.

Tulip Staircase Ghost

In 1966 Rev. Ralph Hardy snapped this ghostly picture when visiting the Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich England. Experts, including some from Kodak, have examined the original negative and given it a clean bill of health.

The Brown Lady

This is probably one of the most famous of the ‘ghostly’ photographs taken which was taken back in 1936 by Captain Provand and Indre Shira who had been assigned the job of getting photographs of Raynham Hall, in Norfolk England, for Country Life Magazine.

Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove

This photograph was taken in 1991 using a high-speed infrared camera by Ghost Research Society (GRS) member Mari Huff as the team was investigating a small abandoned cemetery called Bachelor’s Grove which is located on the edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve near the suburb of Midlotian Illinios.

hat tip to FreshPics