Kristin Chenoweth Returns To 'The Good Wife' Set To Film Small Scene

Kristen Chenoweth returned to the set of The Good Wife this week to film a small scene.

The Broadway star was badly injured on the set last July when she was hit in the head by a lighting prop. After the incident Chenoweth was forced to leave the set "indefinitely."

Thankfully, Chenoweth is starting to recover and was able to head back to the set to film a scene with Alan Cumming.

Chenoweth wrote on Twitter:

"I was able to go back and shoot a short scene with Alan Cumming on The Good Wife. #blessing!"
The Seattle PI reports that Chenoweth had signed on to appear in several episodes of The Good Wife but was forced to leave the show after her accident.

After the accident Chenoweth said:

"It is with deep regret [that I have] to inform everyone that due to my injuries, I am unable to return to The Good Wife at this time."
It's unclear if Chenoweth plans on making a full-time comeback to the show.

Regardless, the Broadway star's cast mates were happy to see her on set again.

Josh Chalres wrote on Twitter:

"Having [Kristin Chenoweth] back with us today was absolutely the highlight of my day. Her talent, charm and warmth was inspiring. (Chenoweth is a) bundle of light and love."
Are you a fan of Kristin Chenoweth? Do you want to see her make a comeback to The Goodwife?