Fix the Franchise: Denver Broncos edition

The Denver Broncos may be on the right path, but there is a lot of work to do. First and foremost they must get the Brandon Marshall situation taken care of, that probably means trading him on draft day for as many draft picks as they can get. Since Anquan Boldin got a third and a fourth round pick for the Arizona Cardinals, Marshall should get that or a little bit more. This team must also do what they do in free agency, but on draft day. Last year’s draft was pretty awful. Only the first round selection of Knowshon Moreno saved it from being graded as a F.

I don’t see how this team can continue with Marshall on the roster. Sure he is a very talented receiver, but he is a cancer on this team. At any point he may decide to quit on the , yet again. There are several teams that could use a big time receiver including the St. Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins, and Kansas City Chiefs. However a likely trading partner could be the Cleveland Browns. Not only do could they use a Wide Out, but have 12 picks in April’s draft to wheel and deal with.

Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels takes a New England Patriots approach to free agency, he signs a bunch of mid level veterans to the roster and hopes a few of them work out. However his first draft has bust written all over it. First round pick Robert Ayers (18th overall) had just 19 tackles, 2nd round pick Darcel McBath (48th overall) had just tow interceptions, and 2nd round pick TE Richard Quinn and no catches in 2009. With two picks in the first two round of the 2009 NFL draft they got little production out of them. That must change.

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