New Trailer And Promo For 'The Walking Dead' Season 3 Released [Video]

The third season of The Walking Dead is set to premiere in just over a month's time on October 14 for an extended 16 episode run, which exceeds last year's efforts by three installments.

And to help us get in the mood for the latest does of zombie action, a new clip and trailer has been unleashed upon us, one of which shows some gory disembowelling by dozens of members of the undead and the other gives us a sneaky peak of Rick's humble new abode.

This is the first footage to reach fans since the season 3 trailer came out of Comic-Con back in July, which introduced us to the samurai wielding Michonne, David Morrisey's Governer, and the return of a character we all thought had perished.

The Walking Dead's creator Glen Mazzara has also been discussing the cast and crew's ambitions for the third season:

"The number one rule is not so much keeping the zombies scary, it's keeping the show scar. (The zombies) are always horror but as our folks learn to live with them, the new horror becomes what people will do to survive and to protect each other in this world. And what they're willing to sacrifice to achieve their ambition."
Season 3 promises to be an intense and pulsating experience with Rick's morals and ethics being repeatedly called into question following his demise over the last few episodes, and each of the clips seem to confirm that it's going to an exhilarating ride.

You can watch each of them below; just make sure you have a pillow to hide behind.