Apple iPad Begins Accepting Apps, Developers Begin Salivating Everywhere

The iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 5 has been out since Apple announced the iPad and now the company has begun accepting applications for the devices April 3rd launch.

In a twist of good fortune, the deadline of March 27th for applications means Apple may be finally turning a corner when it comes to approving and accepting apps at a quicker rate with more streamlined processes. On the other hand it could just mean a bunch of apps are accepted after the launch even though they were submitted before the deadline.

My guess is that Apple will pick and choose through their list of available applicants and push through those trusted developers they’ve come to rely on for their best Apple iPhone apps, thus avoiding a device launching with 200,000 apps that users can’t navigate comfortably to find.

Developers should have received an email about the application process, if you haven’t well perhaps you got filtered by Apple or your email did the filtering, it might be a good time for you to take up programming games and programs for the $.99 bin at WalMart.

If you’re a developer that gets accepted for the initial launch, drop us a line with your thoughts about the process for iPad Apps. Perhaps we’ll even review your offering. [via Apple]