Jose Canseco Tweets About Rape Charge, Invities Media To ‘Drama Filled Event’

Jose Canseco shared some disturbing news on Twitter today. Canseco sent out a tweet claiming that he was being charged with rape by a Las Vegas fitness instructor.

Canseco wrote: Breaking news. This is a first folks. Las Vegas police was just at my house and I have been charged with rape by (a woman) from Las Vegas.

The former MLB player’s tweet doesn’t seem to be completely accurate. Jackie Valley of The Las Vegas Sun said that police did indeed visit Canseco today and that he is considered a “person of interest” in the case but no charges have been filed yet.

Canseco has deleted most of the tweets about the rape charge but the Huffington Post managed to take a few screen shots from the baseball players rant. Canseco says that the woman accused him of drugging her and then raping her. The former baseball player said that he’d love to take a polygraph test and challenged the woman to a game of truth or dare.

Canseco wrote on Twitter: “(She) told police that I drugged her and then raped her. Hmmmmm. Lets find out what really happened.”

And then added: I think we should start this off with a polygraph exam. Just to get the ball rolling. All media welcome to this drama filled event. Did I rape (this woman) or is she lieing. Stay tuned to another day in the life of Jose Canseco.”

Canseco also tweeted the woman’s name, a phone number, a photo, and the location of her gym on Twitter. Those tweets have all been removed.

Canseco used Twitter today to try to defend himself from the accusations but he probably should have stopped himself from divulging so much information about the woman. The Atlantic Wire notes that sexual assault victims are hardly named, especially at the beginning of an investigation, because it deters future victims from stepping forward.

Canseco hasn’t been formerly charged with rape and he doesn’t appear to concerned with the charges. The former MLB player wrote on Twitter today that he was hopping on a plane to enjoy some baseball down in Dallas.