Wolf Blitzer’s Atheist Interview Sparks Huge Debate Online [Video]

Wolf Blitzer’s atheist interview has sparked a huge debate online, with many praising the interviewee and condemning the veteran CNN anchor.

On Tuesday, Blitzer was interviewing survivors of the devastating EF-5 tornado that struck Oklahoma Monday afternoon.

Standing in front of the destruction in Moore, Blitzer asked survivor Rebecca Vitsmun, who was holding her 19-month-old son, if she had thanked the Lord for surviving the twister.

There’s a short pause, and Vitsmun replied “I’m actually an atheist,” with an awkward laugh.

Blitzer stumbled, offering a pat on the back and a weird “you made the right call,” before Vitsmun very diplomatically responded:

“We are here, and you know, I don’t blame anybody for thanking the Lord.”

It was a pretty touching moment despite … well … everything, but it sparked a huge debate online over whether it was appropriate for Blitzer to have asked such a question in the first place.

Many on Twitter criticized Blitzer, saying that he’s no better than Glenn Beck or the folks at The 700 Club.

Others chose to focus on Rebecca Vitsmun, applauding her for such a measured and graceful response despite the circumstances.

Though CNN saw a boost in viewership on Monday night due to the storms, Nielsen put the network behind Fox News during Tuesday’s aftermath coverage.

You can watch the video of Wolf Blitzer’s atheist interview below, and let us know what you think: Did the veteran CNN reporter cross the line?