‘The Hangover III’ Offers Up Mixed Soundtrack Featuring, Ken Jeong And R. Kelly

Despite the not-so-great reviews for the last Hangover installment, it seems like we’ll at least have an epic soundtrack to listen to. While The Hangover II focused on Kanye West for its main sound, this one seems just as random as the plot.

This time The Hangover III will close out the trilogy surrounding its wolf pack, but not before it reunites the guys for another go around. While driving Alan out to rehab, the men are assaulted and Doug is kidnapped, and because of this they must find Mr. Chow to surrender him to the same gangster that kidnapped Doug in order to save his life.

This time around for its soundtrack we have quite the eclectic mix of artists that paint the journey for the wolf pack. The line up spans the gamut of music from nostalgic classics to top 40, it definitely has something for everyone.

The Hangover III official soundtrack listing is as follows:

  • 1. “Mmmbop” – Hanson
  • 2. “My Life” – Billy Joel
  • 3. “Ave Maria” – Fletcher Sheridan
  • 4. “Everybody’s Talkin'” – Harry Nilsson
  • 5. “Down In Mexico” – The Coasters
  • 6. “Hurt” – Ken Jeong
  • 7. “Mother ’93” – Danzig
  • 8. “Fuckin’ Problems” [Explicit] – A$AP Rocky
  • 9. “I Believe I Can Fly” – Ken Jeong
  • 10. “Fever” – The Cramps

While director Todd Phillips hasn’t spoken about the new soundtrack, he did give his thoughts on the soundtrack for Hangover II and just how much music shapes his films, having said:

“I take it very seriously, music. I think it’s one of the tools that a director has with which to kind of paint. The right music can sometimes do five pages of scripted dialogue. In other words, we start this movie off with Glenn Danzig’s “Black Hell.” That tells you more about the tone than if I wrote a five-page scene. It just does so much of your work as a director when you treat it correctly. I just love doing it. It’s really my favorite part of making a movie. Figuring out the music is actually my favorite part.”

While we aren’t sure how half of these artists fit into the film, apparently the soundtrack is a bag of mixed nuts just like the final chapter in the trilogy.