Marvell Announces Sub-$100 Tablet PC With Windows/Android Love

A while back chipmaker Marvell announced that they would release a processor that could power $99 Smartphones, now we’ve learned that the company has actually created a sub-$100 tablet PC using the companies Armada 600 series processors.

Adding to the excitement, the Marvell Moby was actually developed by Marvell and features Windows and Android OS options, full flash support, 1080p playback capabilities, WiFi, Bluetooth, built-in GPS receiver and FM radio.

There’s no release date yet for the $99 devices, however Engadget is reporting that Marvell will first roll the devices out to “at-risk” schools as an alternative to schools buying multiple expensive notebooks for each child. If successful the tablet could become the first universally accepted educational e-reader.