Donte Jamar Sims Bound Over For Trial: Accused Of Posting Twitter Threats About Killing President Obama

Charlotte, SC – Donte Jamar Sims is accused of making threats to kill President Obama on Twitter during the Democratic National Convention last week, the Huffington Post notes. On Tuesday, US Magistrate Judge David Cayer found probable cause to hold Sims, who is currently in jail awaiting trial.

The 21-year-old Charlotte, South Carolina man was detained after a Secret Service protective intelligence research specialist found a total of five threatening statements posted on Twitter, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Sims’ social networking account is registered under the user name, DestroyLeague_D, Secret Service agents exercised a warrant to get the account details.

One tweet from Donte Jamar Sims reads:

“Well Ima assassinate President Obama this evening! Gotta get this monkey off my chest while he’s in town.”
A separate tweet by the same user claims the Secret Service would be defenseless once the man aims his assault rifle at the head of the holder of America’s highest political office. The post was labeled with a DNC hashtag, meaning thousands of Democratic supporters were likely to see the text. Just minutes after this statement was published online, the user posted, “Plotting President Obama’s Murder.”

Special Agent Wayne Bourg questioned Sims at his home about the internet social networking account and the threatening posts. According to affidavit excerpts republished by the Charlotte Observer, the Charlotte resident smiled as the investigator read the threats aloud before admitting to publishing the text. He then went on to state that he hated Obama and that, although he was stoned on marijuana while composing the threats, he knew what he was doing was wrong. The incarcerated man also later said he was sorry for saying he wanted to murder the United States leader and wrote a letter of apology.