Green Gown Bank Robber Goes A Little Too Sheer in Bare-Faced Robbery [Photo]

A green gown-wearing bank robber is raising some eyebrows in Stuart, Iowa. The bare-faced robber didn’t bother to wear a mask during the late afternoon robbery on Monday.

Instead, she selected a distinctive green dress with a very sheer skirt that pretty much exposes everything from the waist down.

As the Stuart police statement dryly noted: “The dress that she is wearing is bright green and would have been noticed.”

And the whole episode was caught on surveillance camera.

I guess our leggy bank robber was going for the Eva Longoria visits Cannes look — no, not the first dress, where Longoria lifted her skirt too high to reveal that she was going commando.

I’m talking about the second one that the Desperate Housewives alum tweeted to prove that she’d remembered her underpants for the next night’s outing. Her sheer skirt was black, not green, and it was probably a lot more expensive, but it’s the same basic idea — see-through all the way up.

Anyway, the Stuart, IA police department responded to the call from the First State Bank, but the robber had already escaped with an undisclosed amount of money. A witness told police that the green gown-wearing robber climbed into the trunk of a dark sedan that an accomplice drove away from the scene.

Now, we all realize that bank robbers can be really bad guys — or, perhaps, really bad gals — but even the local press can’t report this one with a straight face.

Des Moines Register blogger Regina Zilbermints couldn’t resist this title for her article: “Nice dress! Bank robber wows in green floor-length gown.”

I’m not sure that “wows” is the word I’d use. I feel like I’m seeing way more of the bank robber’s legs than I usually care to.

But it’s a change from gangsters lost in the 90s who reveal their underwear by wearing old school saggy pants.

There’s a rumor floating around that the green gown-wearing bank robber may have been nabbed, but there’s no official statement yet.

green gown bank robber

[surveillance photo of green gown bank robber by Stuart Police Department via Facebook]

[bank robbery note photo by Robynrg via Shutterstock]