Electronic Arts Is Developing For Wii U After All

Electronic Arts is developing games for the Wii U after all.

After EA senior software engineer and architect Bob Summerwill told the press that the Wii U is crap, it was understood that the game developer wouldn’t make games for Nintendo’s failing console. Just to recap, he said on Twitter before deleting it all, “The Wii U is crap. Less powerful than an Xbox 360. Poor online/store. Weird tablet. Nintendo are walking dead at this point. Sony, MS, Apple, Google all following the same playbook. Standard, powerful, hardware, with focus on software and services.”

Bob Summerwill also added that Nintendo is still operating like it’s still 1990, indicating how archaic the Wii U seems to be in his opinion.

Some would call it irony that the worst company of the year is bashing the worst-selling console at the time. And there is more irony coming after all that.

Electronic Arts has announced that they are developing games for Wii U not even a week later.

There is a saying that if you live in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw stones, and obviously EA hasn’t heard that one. The pot has officially called the kettle black.

EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said today:

“You know, I think Nintendo’s business was more [an] extension of their last console. We are building titles for the Nintendo console, but not anywhere near as many as we are for PS or Xbox. I think what the consumer will find is a lot more powerful gameplay with the new boxes that are coming out, and a lot of excitement, but it’ll remain to be seen as to the services associated with those as to how consumers decide which direction they might want to go.”

Way to backpedal, EA. We’ll see what happens after the worst company of the year launches games for Nintendo’s failing console after insulting the Wii U like it did.

What do you think? Is Electronic Arts simply continuing on the path that earned them their reputation? Do you think EA can help save the Wii U?