Qualcomm Shows Off Mirasol Display At High Resolution

Qualcomm is still moving forward with Mirasol display technology and the company demonstrated this week just how far the technology has come.

Showing off a prototype for the display during SID Display Week the tech manufacturer displayed a 5.1-inch Marisol screen with an output resolution of 2560 x 1440. If you’re keeping count that’s a pixel density of 577 pixels per inch.

Qualcomm also showed off a smaller “always-on” smartwatch that measures just 1.5-inches.

While Mirasol displays are not as bright as LCD and OLED displays, they require only one sixth the power output. Mirasol technology is seen by Qualcomm as an effective way to create “always-on” technology that won’t drain a users battery in a matter of hours.

Unlike traditional displays which rely on backlighting to power brightness, Marisol displays pull brightness levels from ambient light. The technology is seen as a low-cost but still powerful feature for e-book readers. Qualcomm hopes Marisol displays will one-day replace e-paper technologies.

Qualcomm is confident enough in Marisol display technology that it plans to continue research and development for the tech over the next several years.

At this time Marisol production is still very expensive which means licensees in the short term likely won’t find any value in the product. However, as the research & development process continues and new technologies emerge Marisol displays could soon become a reality for various devices.

Qualcomm isn’t the only company working to reduce the power consumption of displays. A recently filed Google patent would allow displays to lower their resolution and other processes as a devices battery nears closer to empty.

Do you think Marisol display technology will be a huge hit or another piece of prototyped technology that falls by the wayside?