Bacon Lures Pit Bull Back Home After Desperate Search

Bacon lured a pit bull back to her foster home on Monday after the puppy ran away this past Friday. Is there anything bacon can’t do? The pit bull puppy was abused in a dog-fighting ring and was placed in a foster home before she went missing over the weekend.

On Monday, after a weekend-long search in Riverdale, New Jersey didn’t lead to any signs of the puppy, the volunteers at the foster home decided to cook bacon in the backyard and it actually led little “Misty” straight back to the house.

The adorable little pit bull was recovering from injuries due to the dog-fighting abuse for a few months before she disappeared on Friday. She was originally placed in the foster home after being rescued from a city shelter, and Misty’s story immediately hit the web, which led to national attention.

According to the New Jersey Star-Ledger, Misty’s foster parent, Erin Early-Hamilton, was in complete disbelief when the puppy appeared back at the house.

“The whole thing is unbelievable,” Early-Hamilton told the Star-Ledger. Before Misty returned home, Early-Hamilton went to desperate measures to find her puppy, and there was even a $2,000 reward set in place if anyone could find Misty, who is now known as the “bacon pit bull.”

An online fundraiser raised over $4,500 for search efforts, but the smart little puppy managed to find her way home without any help, except for the sweet scent of bacon of course.

When Misty appeared back at the house, Early-Hamilton couldn’t hold back her excitement.

“I screamed,” she said about the pit bull’s return. “It was a yelp that just came out of me. It kind of made her jump back. But then she came right up to us, looking for bacon.”

The nine-month old pit bull was in good condition after her instinctive return, and she even has the quite the following on Facebook. All 16,000-plus supporters will be pleased to know their favorite bacon pit bull has returned safely.

[Image via Kenneth Hung]