Video: Truck speeds happily along with a car stuck under its grill

This is why you should fear left turns.

Video emerged on the internet recently showing a tiny Clio helplessly embedded under the bumper of a speeding giant truck on a motorway in Yorkshire, England. The driver of the car, apparently braking the whole way, is helpless to do much of anything as the larger vehicle barrels down the motorway with the car just chilling out along for the ride.

Information on the YouTube page hosting the video indicates that the truck driver was suspended after the clip hit the internet. I suppose that’s… reassuring.

The owners of the lorry, Cheshire-based Arclid Transport, and West Yorkshire Police are investigating the incident.

A spokesman from the company said: “There was an incident between a car and one of our vehicles in January.

“Since seeing the footage from YouTube we are investigating.”

He added that he believed the female driver of the Clio had not been injured in the incident.

The scary thing is, it would appear that this dude was menacing the roads in his lorries for two months until the clip from January 18th was uploaded to YouTube and the incident finally came to light.