Bill Murray Imitates Crying Baby In Viral Photo

Bill Murray knows how to handle a crying baby.

The funny man met an uncooperative young fan at what appears to be a golf tournament, so he decided to imitate the crying young man. As the baby’s mother looks on laughing, Bill Murray matched the tot cry-for-cry.

The picture of Bill Murray and the crying baby came via the viral Tumblr blog, Reasons My Son Is Crying, started by Greg Pembroke. The site was meant to document the always inane reasons his son Charlie was crying (in one, Charlie is crying because his father wouldn’t let him drown in a lake).

Since it’s gone viral other parents are submitting their own photos and captions to Pembroke. The picture of Bill Murray crying along with the baby was submitted by Laura R. who gave this reason as to why her son was crying: “He met Bill Murray.”

Though he’s aloof within the world of Hollywood — he doesn’t have an agent, just a toll-free number where directors pitch their ideas to him — Bill Murray has gained a reputation for strangely personal interactions with fans. He’s been known to show up randomly to parties he comes across, and made headlines last year for jumping in to a kickball game he found.

He’s also known for his hijinks on the golf course. While he was playing in the annual AT&T Pebble Beach Nation Pro-Am golf tournament the Moonrise Kingdom star ran into some trouble.

E! explains:

“Alas, the mustachioed Murray probably could have used a mulligan on the second hole as one of his shots landed right in a sand trap, prompting the funnyman and avid golfer to lie down in the bunker in despair.”Bill Murray Imitates Crying Baby In Viral Photo

Since being posted to the Reasons My Son Is Crying blog, the picture of the Bill Murray with the crying baby has gone viral. It garnered thousands of user votes on Reddit and was featured in a number of other blogs and websites, including The Huffington Post.