NBA Draft 2013: Cleveland Cavaliers Win Lottery For No. 1 Overall Pick

The NBA Draft in 2013 has officially named it’s No. 1 overall pick recipient as the Cleveland Cavaliers have stolen the honor for the second time in three years. The Orlando Magic had to best odds to take the No. 1 spot, but Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert sent his son as a representative and it paid off once again.

The draft will take place on June 27th, and, thanks to Nick Gilbert’s luck, the Cavaliers will be the first to pick. In 2011, Nick took to the lottery to represent his father’s team, and, though he didn’t really have to do anything, the Cavaliers walked away with the top spot. They went on to draft Kyrie Irving out of Duke University with the first pick, and he went on to win the NBA’s Rookie of the Year Award that season.

The 16-year-old good luck charm was back at this year, though he didn’t expect to be in the position in the first place. His father’s team was expected to improve on the court with Kyrie Irving controlling the point, but once again they failed to make a push in the Eastern Conference, placing them back in the lottery for the NBA Draft in 2013.

The Orlando Magic dropped one spot and received the second overall pick while the Washington Wizards made the biggest jump and managed the third pick, a five spot swing from their original eighth place starting position when the day began.

The Charlotte Bobcats, who recently announced they would like to change their name back to the Hornets, fell two spots and received the fourth pick while the Phoenix Suns rounded out the top five.

New Orleans, Sacramento, Detroit, Minnesota, and Portland complete the top 10 in that order. Now the Cavaliers are left to decide who they should draft with the No. 1 overall pick. Most basketball analysts have given that honor to Kentucky guard Nerlens Noel, though some believe Kansas’ Ben McLemore and Michigan’s Trey Burke should also be considered.

Who do you believe the Cleveland Cavaliers should pick with the first overall pick during the NBA Draft in 2013?

[Image via Deb Nystrom]